It’s Autumn and the mornings are just starting to cool off from the humid heat of our Summer. This is a great time to plant your veggie patch and kitchen garden as well as increasing your level of activity. Being active with gratitude in your heart, enables you to live your life to its full potential no matter what happens. We are all procrastinators and life’s busyness can create all sorts of excuses for not completing on your heart’s desire. Why not take action and do something today?

Our movement and balance are reliant on complex interactions between our senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) and the brain. As we age hearing, sight and feeling the ground with our feet deteriorate. The great news is that the brain is more neuroplastic than we think and many of our senses can be sharpened up with training.

The ear is not just for hearing frequencies of vibrations it is also important for balance via the inner ear canals. Some of you will know only too well what it is like to have vertigo where the room spins around and you feel your head is “swimming”. You will also remember that your physiotherapist fixed the problem with simple exercises which moved the crystals around in the inner ear canals.

Our joints also have remarkable receptors that feed sensation important for position in space and speed of movement to the brain. This is how we know where to move our limbs in space. You may have someone in your family who is tripping or falling or lost confidence on their feet. Simple training exercises for coordination, balance, the eyes and strength will improve mobility and quality of life. Our Falls Prevention Program is a fun group exercise class. All participants complete baseline measurements so we can update you on progress, over time.

Pilates mat and equipment classes are exercises which involve brain training. Not only does flexibility, strength and stamina improve but Pilates involves coordination of different parts of the body whilst strengthening the “core” (abdominals) and the postural mechanism. Under all large movements are small movements controlled by many tiny muscles. It is the small movements we need to focus on when changing movement strategies, correcting muscle imbalances and reducing chronic pain syndromes around the back, pelvis, neck and shoulder regions.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boot camp to be effective and often we need to develop the awareness of subtle movement.

Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy augments rehabilitation following episodes of spinal pain, trauma, orthopaedic surgery or for patients who live with a chronic inflammatory arthritis. Aquatic Physiotherapy has many benefits providing:

  • early movement with less pain due to the buoyancy of water
  • reduction of swelling, due to the effects of hydrostatic forces
  • relaxation of tense hypertonic muscle spasm due to the warmth of water 34°C
  • increased confidence to move with reduced anxiety
  • safe exercise for all ages
  • conditioning following illness within parameters of a patient’s medical condition
  • cost effective remedial programs designed by a physiotherapist specific to a patient’s condition
  • accelerated recovery with improved strength, flexibility and mobility
  • individual aquatic physiotherapy for complex physical presentations

Our hydrotherapy pool is one of the Gold Coast’s best kept secrets!

Pregercise is our hydrotherapy pregnancy class for young mums who want to be fit for birth.

Beginners Yoga is held on Monday night with Maree and incorporates breathing with gentle poses. Yoga is a great way to clear the mind and nourish the body after a day’s work. Over time flexibility and strength also increase.

Focus on Physio welcomes Reiki practitioner Audrey to the practice. Reiki reinforces relaxation so the body and mind can rest and restore itself. It is suitable for all ages and conditions and helps to restore harmony between the physical, mental and emotional parts of us. For those wanting deep tissue massage Kamila and Priscila are our remedial massage therapist. Fiona is one of our massage therapists and offers aromatherapy massage with high-quality oils and Reiki – a truly blissful experience and a great gift idea for someone special. Gift Vouchers are available at reception.

Our Easter special offer is an ideal time to take advantage of discounted rates on all our Wellness Programs. Call now to find out more details from our friendly reception staff: 55649009.

Warm Regards

Anne Power

Principal Physiotherapist