USE IT OR LOSE IT by December 31st!  

Did you know that you lose private health fund benefits each year?

Most of our patients are unaware of this, so we thought we should let you know.

NOW is the time to use your entitlement before it’s lost forever for Care/Treatment in our practice!

Choose to use your health fund entitlement today.

Most health funds allow extras claims only for the duration of 12 months, usually from January till December. Unused claims generally DO NOT carry over to the next year so this means… IF YOU DO NOT USE IT…YOU LOSE IT!

With HiCaps® instant rebates on the spot, you can use your health fund benefit to achieve a pain free life, get a check up, recover from injury, get back into your rehab classes, and simply be as healthy as you can be!

The CHOICE is yours but as I have mentioned earlier – you must USE IT or you will LOSE IT by 31st December!

Don’t miss out on the rebate you pay for! Call our practice today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of the funds still available to you before they run out.

Call 5564 9009 now!


Anne Power,  Principal Physiotherapist