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It’s that time of year when we will soon launch our April Easter Special for all our loyal clients on exercise classes, pilates, hydrotherapy passes and massage. We have many families who help out their retired parents or children rehabilitate through injuries or post surgical procedures. This is a great way to give to those you love. The recovery of normal movement stimulates a greater sense of wellbeing and is linked to better overall health outcomes. It is definitely wise to invest time and resources in living an active life.  Ask our friendly staff about our Easter Special for purchase from 1st April.

Enjoy our Newsletter.

Anne Power and the awesome team! 


Here are 6 tips from Anne:

warm up before you play sport with a light jog/walk

  1. ensure you stretch around the shoulders, trunk, calf, hamstring, quadriceps muscles before playing sport
  2. remember RICE for acute injuries – rest, ice, compression and elevation
  3. increased levels of physical activity need regular body work

(massage) for injury prevention

  1. be competitive with 100% effort, but remember to acknowledge your opponent – number 1 goal is to have fun
  2. cross train with other activities(pilates, yoga, swimming, skipping) 


Is recurrent low back pain getting you down? We know from research that following episodes of low back pain the stabilising muscles of the back remain inhibited. They include the wrap around abdominals which are mother nature’s corset, “the core” as well as many small muscles which go from vertebrae to vertebrae.

Clinical Pilates is a great form of remedial exercise following spinal pain episodes or spinal surgery. The most important emphasis is on preventing recurrences by strengthening these important stabilising muscles. It is not about strength but rather about subtle control that underlies gross movement. It is not designed to be boot camp and can be dangerous or inappropriate when age or pathology is not considered. However at higher levels Pilates does offer a good workout by demanding more stamina. It is ideal for many people with physical disabilities and can be modified to a client’s needs.


In many countries, hot spas rich with minerals have been places of pilgrimage for those wanting relief from arthritic aliments. Hydrotherapy is specific localised remedial exercise performed in warm 34⁰c water. It is a wonderful therapy for those with physical ailments such as arthritis, post fractures, post orthopaedic surgery and neurological conditions. Gentle movement can begin early with more ease than dry land exercise. At focus on physio we design individual programs and also conduct an arthritis class “Aquabones” which incorporates conditioning exercises to improve levels of fitness. It is such fun! There is always something you can do to increase physical function!


Physical fitness is about having the stamina to live the life you love. It is dependent on having a positive mindset to do regular exercise on a daily basis. It is recommended that we do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day. This might be walking, playing tennis/golf, going to the gym, cycling, swimming or rowing. Don’t forget that other exercise you do, such as gardening, cleaning, going up down stairs or going to the shops. Our heart and lungs need aerobic exercise for the circulation to be stimulated. As blood flow and lymphatic flow increases with exercise, oxygen and nutrients are transported throughout our body. Exercise enhances the elimination of waste products from our organs. The immune system is also stimulated and overall we feel healthier, invigorated and fit to live the life we choose. WARNING! Exercise can be ADDICTIVE! 


Did you know that exercise helps to keep more of your nerve cells communicating with one another. So exercise stimulates the brain. Games that involve strategy are good for the young and old. Chess, cards, jigsaw puzzles, board games, crossword puzzles are fun and can be shared within families as well as skill based sports tennis, golf or bowls. It is healthy to play games and is part of keeping our brains and bodies young. Learning a foreign language is great exercise for the brain – and travelling to a country on holidays is even more fun when you can speak the “Lingo”.


Improve your breath control, posture, muscle strength and flexibility with gentle yoga. Maree’s tip for the month is to practice sitting still with your eyes closed and the focus on your breath. Place your hands on your diaphragm and feel how the belly raises with the breath in, then sinks on the breath out. Just try 5 minutes every day. This will quieten your mind and promote a sense of expansion away from tension or stress. Don’t judge or try too hard – just be with yourself as a human being and not as a human doing.


Remedial massage therapy irons out those “Knots” of tension. Kamila and Priscilla have diverse skills include trigger point massage for sports injuries, swedish, hot stones, lymphodema and pregnancy. Don’t forget that regular massage promotes good circulation and enhances the immune system response. It’s a great way to treat yourself and unwind from the challenges of work. Body work is essential if you are increasing the intensity of training for your sport and reduces the risk of muscle/tendon strain. It is also a great way to disperse the stiffness caused by lactic acid build up post competition. You may want to relax and reduce stress with Fiona and Audrey who do Blissful Aromatouch Massage and Reiki (hands on healing, no massage). Take advantage of our Easter special on massage (1 hour for $65 – save $30).