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Neck Pain and Headache can be a debilitating health problem.

The head is heavy like a bowling ball and has to balance on a narrow and often long supported chain of 7 vertebrae, ligaments and muscles. Between 5 of the vertebrae are discs. The top 2 neck vertebrae have no discs at all and are designed to facilitate movement of the head when nodding and rotating. Because the neck is so mobile it is easily damaged in sport, in motor vehicle accidents or during falls. In a motor vehicle accident the head is thrown forwards or backwards at speed, spraining the soft tissues at multiple areas causing global neck pain, arm pain and sometimes headache. This is called a Whiplash injury.
The neck also does not like the repetitive demands of sustained postures when working for long hours at a computer. The onset of pain may be immediate or slow with pain felt in the neck, between the shoulder blades, down the arm or into the head as a headache. The pain may start as postural pain and relieved by simply moving. Then the pain becomes more frequent and is aggravated by moving the head, reversing the car and sleeping positions.
Prolonged sitting posture at computers is a common cause of neck pain and ergonomic assessment of your workstation and work patterns are all issues a Physiotherapist can help you with.
 Your physiotherapist will provide a thorough assessment and examination to determine the source of the pain, the behaviour of the pain and give you an understanding of the underlying physiological problem then provide a treatment plan.

Your treatment may include:

  • soft tissue (myofascial and trigger point) massage
  • mobilisation and or manipulation of joints
  • traction
  • neural mobilisation
  • strengthening of stabilising muscles
  • stretching of tight or shortened muscles
  • postural re-education – pillows, sitting, mid and lower back areas
  • acupuncture and dry needling for pain or headache or spasm
  • advise on ergonomic set up of workstation and work patterns
  • relaxation methods to assist stress reduction

Research tells us that symptoms lasting for longer than 3 months are harder to solve. Often you will be required to alter habits, do exercises in between treatments to get on top of your neck pain and headache and prevent recurrences.

Telehealth – Online Physiotherapy Consultations

Focus On Physio has now launched Telehealth Consultations with your chosen physiotherapist from the comfort of your home. All you need is an electronic device with a webcam (mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop).

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