Preg Aqua - Dec 2014Maintaining optimal physical health correlates with medical health and wellness. Poor diet, smoking, inactivity and being overweight has the potential to develop problems for our heart, circulation and joints. Sure genetics also plays a part in pathology. So, why not reduce the extent and risk of chronic illnesses developing by taking control of your choices around healthy eating, taking regular exercise, reducing stress in your life and developing a determined mindset to make a change.

Humans are procrastinators – we will find all sorts of excuses to not “have a go”. At the end of the day we are responsible for the choices we make around our health. Once physical health has deteriorated and pathologies develop Doctors have no choice but to recommend drug management, surgical procedures and psychological support.

Interestingly, this is when people start to want to make changes – once the body fails in some way.  Something clicks and the mind becomes disciplined to change familiar habits. Change always takes us out of our comfort zone – but that is where we need to go.  The journey may be challenging, just the same as the journey through life. There will be times when it seems too hard, that you are not going to get there.  You will need to develop discipline, determination and perseverance.

It is not rocket science what you must do – keep it simple, take small steps and be responsible not from a place of fear, but from a place of expanding the feeling of feeling better inside.  Be guided by your physiotherapist.

So here are some tips to start with:

  1. Accept yourself right now where you are at, without judgemental thoughts.
  2. Be grateful for who are and remember all the people in your life who have benefited from you being around.
  3. If you have pain, or illness or damage to parts of your body accept that also.
  4. Now write down a plan to start your healthy living. What would you choose to do differently? Headings in your plan may include Diet, Exercise, Breathing Exercises for relaxation and stress reduction, letting go of addictive old ways.
  5. Be accountable to yourself and develop the discipline of an athlete who makes time to train and keeps to it.
  6. Have a laugh everyday and don’t take yourself so seriously

At focus on physio we have a wide range of Wellness programs. We are all passionate about helping our community to have optimal physical health despite suffering with illnesses or recovering after surgery. There is always something you can do and it is natural that you may be unsure of where to begin. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in structuring programs that are safe, individualised or respect a patient’s limitation with respect to their medical condition. Regular physical activity is important particularly if you are overweight, suffer with diabetes, have arthritis, have osteoporisis or are unbalanced and tripping over.

Our over 50’s classes such as Pilates, Aquatic Physiotherapy, Falls Prevention are able to target high quality rehabilitation in a group environment. These classes are structured for measurable results, but at the same time are fun and help patients to expand quality of life.

Our Aquatic Physiotherapy programs are either designed for the individual or a class environment.  Our indoor pool is heated to 34°, has rails and a hoist for patients who cannot manage stairs.  Hydrotherapy enables ease of movement as joints are unloaded.  However, water is heavy so muscles are strengthened.  Our programs include light cardiovascular work which is ideal for patients with arthritic joints or who may be overweight.

Our Falls Prevention Program is a fun land based class combining strength, flexibility, stamina with a large focus on balance, reaction times and co-ordination. We take our balance for granted. We are tall and narrow and balance over a small base of support. We need strength to stay upright, but we also need with age, balance reactions and co-ordination to prevent tripping and falling. Education around getting up off the floor, prevention in the home environment and home exercises are also included by our physiotherapy team. Often it is other family members who notice that a family member is unsteady and loosing confidence when walking or getting out of a chair. Performance can alter and reducing the risk of falls reduces the risk of bone fractures with age.

Remedial Equipment Pilates is a great way for working clients and the over 50s to enjoy working on breath control, flexibility, good posture, stamina, balance and co-ordination and strength. Our classes are small and programs are designed for the individual. Pelvic floor exercises are included.

Pilates Mat classes are a great workout for those clocking off from work who want a general workout for flexibility, strengthening the core, increasing flexibility, stamina and strength.

Pregercise, our pregnancy class is very popular with young mums who want to be fit for birth. They are run in our hydrotherapy pool and hugely popular. We start them at 12-14 weeks at the end of the initial trimester.

Be sure to ask about our Christmas Exercise Class Special Offer during December and be ready to kick start 2015 with regular physical activity.

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