Iliotibial-Band-Syndrome-Clinic-NL-Image-WEB - Sept 2016Hi Everyone!

Spring into Action!

Find your passion for living actively through Exercise! It really works on helping you to feel more positive in general as well as improving Health and Wellness.

Disciplined regular training of your body and your mind creates improved performance in your work, your sport and your relationships with others.

Create health and happiness for yourself NOW!  Take advantage of our Spring Specials on all exercise classes and massage.

from Anne Power  


As you spring into action be sure to phase your return gradually if your body has not been doing regular exercise. Prevention is better than cure and many soft tissue injuries can be avoided with a gentle warm up and warm down; stretching of muscles; cross training with Pilates or Yoga to work on flexibility and strength. Our friendly team of physiotherapists are able to guide you, no matter what your age or your medical profile. There is always something you can do to help your everyday function even if you have had chronic pain.


Pilates requires breathing, concentration, co-ordination and repetition of low resisted exercise. Benefits include improved strength, flexibility, postural control, stamina, balance, and sense of well being. It is safe to use in cases of arthritis, osteoporosis and conditioning after injury or surgery. Our physiotherapists Julian and Anne can talk to you about concerns – you can even come and watch a class in progress.


Why suffer in pain during exercise? Remedial hydrotherapy is aquatic physiotherapy – specific exercises for your condition in warm water (34 degrees). Joints are unloaded and exercise not possible on dry land can commence early in water. It is ideal for arthritic conditions, post orthopaedic surgery, post trauma and back pain rehabilitation. Our programs are individual or group with “Aquabones” for general conditioning.  Take advantage of our Spring Special.


Have a go at this 2 minute workout! Take 6 deep breaths as you raise and lower your arms, 10 ankle pumps up and down, 10 ankle circles, 10 hips/knee bends, 10 thigh squeezes, 10 buttock squeezes, 5 bottom lifts off the bed.


Are you in a spin? One of the most common causes of vertigo is BPPV, Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo. BPPV is caused by crystals in the semicircular canals of the ear. Many conditions causes dizziness such as vestibular neuronitis/labyrinthitis, Menieres disease, acoustic neuroma, ototoxicity, vestibular migraine, vascular conditions. Be sure to consult your GP first for investigations and a correct medical diagnosis.

BPPV is treated with various specific Remedial exercises for Vestibular Rehabilitation and taught by physiotherapists. Talk to our physiotherapists Jane or Julian for more information.


Does your body feel stiff and achey?  Beginners Yoga with Maree is for you. Breathing, slowly stretching and holding different poses is great for the joints, flexibility, calming the mind, strengthening the immune system and internal organ function. Relax and rejuvenate!


Our massage team include Kamila, Priscila, Fiona and Audrey. There is something for everyone from Deep tissue/Sports, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, myofascial work, hot rocks, aromatherapy and Reiki. Treat yourself or someone you love with a Gift Voucher and take advantage of reduced prices with our Spring Special!