Clinic-NL-Lets-Move-WEB - November 2015We wish you a New Year of expanded Wellness, Happiness and Optimal Health. Start the year with a laugh and carry that intention throughout 2016  – we take ourselves far too seriously. Laughter with family and friends or with ourselves produces pain blocking endorphins and the load of life feels lighter. So lighten up and let the real you shine…..! Happy New Year!

Anne Power


For many years focus on physio has helped women with Women’s Health issues from pelvic pain in pregnancy, pregnancy hydrotherapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation for urinary stress incontinence (leakage on laughing!) and urinary urgency. The male “Martians” have missed out until now. Bruno our male physiotherapist is seeing Men for pelvic floor re-training. Did you know that following prostate/rectal surgery men can be incontinent i.e. leak urine for 3 to 12 months.  Men also suffer with bladder urgency – going to the toilet ” just in case” and voiding low volumes. Pelvic floor retaining not only strengthens the “floor” but activates the “core” so helps to support the lumbar spine. Let’s look after our “Martians”.


I am surprised that more people don’t use their pools in our hot summer months. Many people associate pools with the need to swim. This is not necessary as water unloads the body due to buoyancy which is great following orthopaedic surgery( hip/knee/shoulder/spine) or if you have arthritic joints. Patients are constantly surprised that early movement not possible on land can be achieved in water. Aquatic physiotherapy is knowledge based, structured exercise to help manage chronic conditions, accelerate recovery in acute conditions ( trauma/surgery) and improve daily function. Our indoor hydrotherapy pool has disabled access (hoist/rails) and is heated to 33◦C which enables muscles to relax, increasing the confidence to move.

Ageing & Keeping “Active”

Ageing can be associated with chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Health conditions are commonly associated with lifestyle habits, i.e. obesity, smoking, sedentary occupations and inactivity. Dietary intake is only one part of the solution. Regular exercise taken early in life can help prevent or delay these conditions. So be proactive – reduce sugar and fat intake and do daily exercise. Daily exercise can be simply walking or getting in water for arthritic joints or doing Thai Chi in the park. At focus on physio we cater to the over 50s with great small conditioning classes which address balance, co-ordination, breathing control, strength, flexibility, body mindfullness. Classes are either on land or in the pool and are also enjoyed by our young pregnant women who want to look good and be fit for birth. Why not have fun being active?


Osteoporosis is characterised by a reduction in the matrix of our bones and affects both men and women with the ageing process. Bones need good nutrition, vitamin D (synthesised by UV radiation on our skin from the SUN) and regular compressive loading ( thank god for the force of “g” – gravity). Pilates is a great way to tone the muscles; stimulate healthy bone growth and regeneration; improve flexibility; increase respiratory reserve; improve posture; strengthen the” core”/ limbs/ pelvic floor; reduce niggling aches and pains; stimulate circulation and strengthen the immune system response. So see you on the mat in 2016!


The hidden gem. Gentle yoga improves your energy levels, flexibility, strength, balance, ability to relax, strengthens the immune system, and quietens the “chatter” of the mind. Learn to feel your body and augment your breath – with time you will feel physically  and mentally healthier. “Ohmmm….”


We welcome our new remedial massage therapist Camilla Rebello. She has a special interest in lymphodema massage. Remember if a loved one is stressed, aromatherapy massage with Fiona, or Reiki with Audrey can dramatically reduce stress which can also reduce the experience of acute or chronic pain. A massage voucher makes a great gift for someone you love.