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At focus on physio, our team of friendly senior physiotherapists love to empower all patients to achieve optimal physical health and wellness. Why not take control of your health now?  Enjoy our Newsletter, be Active every day, choose food that is close to nature, practice relaxed deep breathing and have a laugh with family and friends.  Life is for living passionately! Be sure to check out our End of Financial Year exercise class and massage special offers for June!

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Don’t let your arthritis or your GP talk you out of doing exercise. Aquatic physiotherapy is not new! Think of all the pilgrims around the world who made their way to warm springs to bath and rejuvenate the body. Warm water unloads joints, so pain is reduced. This enables muscles to stretch and shorten – so they strengthen. Research studies all confirm that patients will improve functional capacity from exercising in warm water. Aquatic physiotherapy is performed in 32- 34°C and is not aqua aerobics which is non-specific and done in 27°C. Our programs are scientific and remedial for your needs, respecting your medical condition.

Remedial Equipment and Mat Exercise Classes

Trim the tummy, strengthen the “core”, look good with a strong posture, increase your fitness, improve concentration, increase flexibility so you can put the ball on the tee, increase your sense of well being and strengthen bones. Remedial Equipment and Mat  Exercise Classes (Pilates) can do this for you. They incorporate breathing, control, co-ordination, concentration, repetition and fluidity of movement. We have early bird equipment classes, classes during the day and Tuesday evening mat classes.

Massage & Reiki

Fiona, a Reiki master and teacher offers 1 and 2 hour BLISSFUL Aromatherapy massages which combine subtle aromas, Reiki, Crystal Therapy.  Don’t go back to work after you have one of these massages.  We have had several executives really benefit from this valuable work.  A great present for a loved one who may be stressed or unwell.  Our massage therapists are Claire and Priscilla. We are now able to offer later afternoon and Saturday morning appointments.


Maree says Hi from her mat.  Her beginners class is on Monday evenings 6-7pm, bookings essential. “Often less is More”. Yoga improves flexibility, strengthens the body, nourishes the organs, quietens the mind and calms the emotions.  It can be Life Changing!


7 tips to help relieve neck pain:

  1. put a lumbar support in the small of your back – this helps to reduce slumping of the back so your neck is more elongated
  2. practice “pause gymnastics” at work – rotate head, tilt head, roll shoulders whilst you wait for the kettle to boil
  3. if you sit a lot in front of a screen you need to exercise (eg walk) at least 30 mins 3 times per week
  4. reduce your poked chin posture by standing tall against a wall, lift the sternum, do a silent ”yes”/“Royal Nod” hold for 10 seconds
  5. sit on hand then tilt head to opposite shoulder – breath in & out for a count of ten – this stretches the muscle on top of your shoulder
  6. sit on hand then bend head and look into your opposite armpit – breath in & out for 10 seconds- this stretches the muscle at the top of your shoulder blade
  7. use an inflatable neck cushion when travelling in planes/buses for those times when you fall asleep whilst sitting

Keeping Physically Fit

The key to exercise success is simply to get started!  If you are not sure where to begin start with your GP who can discuss your medical conditions with you and factors to be aware of so you can exercise safely e.g. blood pressure.  Whilst it is important to minimise risks don’t let your mind/lack of time or fear talk you out of taking action.  Put your exercise schedule on a piece of paper and stick to your weekly plan.  Outline your goals and sign an agreement with yourself – Take yourself seriously and be accountable to yourself!  Keep your plan simple and achievable.  Progress and set new goals as you achieve the olds ones.  Have fun and enjoy feeling healthy and energetic.

Anne Power B.Phty(UQ), MACP (UK), IFOMT

Director and Principal Physiotherapist

APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist