This is the season for Christmas Excesses and in the rush of getting things organised for Christmas no wonder the body has the odd strain or sprain.  It’s also the end of a year and time to put things in order which haven’t been sorted out.  Occasionally that means a trip to the Physiotherapist or Dentist or Doctor.  Health fund rebates are often still available to be used before the end of the year so why not sort those niggly problems which are stopping you being physically fit.

Our Christmas Special is available all December on all Exercise classes, Hydrotherapy and Pilates passes as well as Massage.  Christmas Gift Vouchers are available and are a wonderful gesture for those special people in your life.  Ask at reception and our friendly team will help you.

A special thank you from myself for your loyal patronage at focus on physio through this difficult COVID year.  It gives us great joy to assist our clients live happy, healthy and active lives pursuing hobbies, travelling, playing sport and enjoy socialising with friends or family.  We are a family based practice committed to helping you achieve optimal physical health.  There is something for everyone at focus on physio.

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2021.



Our Aquatic Physiotherapy programs are either designed for the individual or a class environment. Our indoor pool is heated to 34°, has rails and a hoist for patients who cannot manage stairs. Hydrotherapy enables ease of movement as joints are unloaded. However, water is heavy, so muscles are strengthened. Our programs include light cardiovascular work which is ideal for patients with arthritic joints or who may be overweight.

Our Falls Prevention Program is a fun land based class combining strength, flexibility and stamina with a large focus on balance, reaction times and co-ordination. We take our balance for granted. We are tall and narrow and balance over a small base of support. We need strength to stay upright, but we also need with age, balance reactions and co-ordination to prevent tripping and falling. Education around getting up off the floor, prevention in the home environment and home exercises are also included by our physiotherapy team. Often it is other family members who notice that a family member is unsteady and losing confidence when walking or getting out of a chair. Performance can alter, and reducing the risk of falls reduces the risk of bone fractures with age.

Remedial Equipment Classes are a great way for working with clients and the over 50s to enjoy working on breath control, flexibility, good posture, stamina, balance and co-ordination and strength. Our classes are small, and programs are designed for the individual. Pelvic floor exercises are included.

Remedial Mat Classes are a great workout for those clocking off from work who want a general workout for flexibility, strengthening the core, increasing flexibility, stamina and strength.

Pregercise, our pregnancy class is very popular with young mums who want to be fit for birth. We run both land based and aqua classes and they are hugely popular. We start them at 12-14 weeks at the end of the initial trimester.

Massage and Reiki Our massage girls are busy and have different skills, including deep tissue, gentle Swedish, lymphodaema, blissfully aromatherapy.  If you are going through a stressful time or experience anxiety, we recommend Reiki as a way to receive deep relaxation.  Take advantage of our Christmas Massage Special.

Yoga – Beginners Yoga uses the breath to slow the mind and feel the body. Come and try a Yoga session with Maree on Monday nights.

Be sure to ask about our Christmas Pilates, Hydrotherapy and Exercise Class Special Offer during December and be ready to kick start 2021 with regular physical activity.